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Founded in 2002, IMT has grown into a worldwide supplier of demountable walls for commercial and corporate spaces, public sector offices, education and healthcare centres and more. Glass or wood, partial height or floor to ceiling, solid colours or a rainbow mixture of shades – your style, your choice!



You don’t need a clairvoyant to predict future design trends. Reconfiguring the IMT Reflex Wall is easy, clean and quick. From wood panels to glass, walls to doors, your office structure can change according to ever-changing needs and style.

Let the sunshine in

Share the view with REFLEX glazed skins. Single, double, clear, frosted or tinted, the look is as limitless as your imagination.


REFLEX’s levelling capabilities allow you to move walls between areas with different ceiling heights. The industry’s highest 3.75” height adjustment adapts to floor and ceiling variations. Its variable thickness can accommodate in-wall mechanical services.

Reflex technology

REFLEX delivers both power and data horizontally and vertically in all walls, even within glazed panels. The IMT system allows you to use conventional electrical hardwire solutions or ask about our modular plug and play power options to help speed up your install. Modular plug and play power and data allows you to reduce waste and easily reconfigure your office.


Privacy won’t be a concern with REFLEX’s industry leading STC ratings for both solid and glazed partitions. Every insert and door has acoustic seals.

We care

IMT takes ‘Environment-Friendly’ to a whole new level! When redesigning or moving your office, take the walls with
you. Ask us about our C.A.R.E. buyback programs to adjust your current system to the new space.

Personal support

At IMT there is no project that is too big or too small. Rest assured you will get dedicated project management from start to finish. From design ideas to technical solutions let our support team see your design come to life.


Not only can you take this asset with you when you move, it also depreciates at the same rate as office furniture, faster than permanent construction resulting in even greater tax savings

Simple, beautiful and effective, the IMT Reflex wall system allows for design options that blend in effectively.

The solid steel structure supports a large selection of functional or aesthetic skins. Laminate, glass, felt, fabric, whiteboards, tack-boards and tool skins all attach the same way to the same structure with one universal clip! These can be easily interchanged without changing the framework. The structure also provides for support of system furniture from any manufacturer.

Environmentally friendly – use, re-use and recycle. IMT’s Reflex wall was designed with less components than any other wall on the market, minimizing the ecological footprint.

Reflex is made from materials with recycled content, and is designed to be 98-100% reusable, thus you can increase the LEED points in your building. At the end of Reflex’s lifecycle it simply disassembles into its base raw materials for recycling. Doors – Whichever way you choose to go we’ll open the door! Swing or slide, solid wood or frameless glass, or a combination of the two, we have the solution for you.




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